Intramural Sign-up Info and Deadlines

THE GBA encourages all members of the MBA program to take some time out to get out of the classroom and be active whenever possible. A great way to do that is through Intramural sports! If you are interested in participating in any of the sports that are taking place this semester (listed below), contact the athletics chair, and the GBA will work to coordinate an MBA team.

Additional information concerning intramural sports and how to register can be found at


Volleyball 2/6
Racquetball 2/13
Dodgeball Tournament 2/13
Gnip Gnop (Table Tennis) 3/6
Pickleball 3/6
4v4 Flag Football Tournament 3/6
11v11 Soccer Tournament 3/6
3v3 Soccer 3/6
NCAA March Madness 3/6
Tennis 3/6
Broomball 3/20
Sand Volleyball 3/20
Softball 4/3
Sitting Volleyball Tournament 4/10
Lacrosse Tournament 4/17
3v3 Basketball Tournament 4/17